I got this idea one time while watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. In that movie Tony Starks dreams about not having to be a superhero anymore, not dress up, sit on the beach and drink pina coladas. I was watching that and thought to myself ‘What the hell are you talking about Robert Downey Jr?!’. How can a superhero, go back to being a normal person after being a superhero? Hanging out with people with superpowers, seeing shit explode, aliens, Gods, Hulks and all of that. How do you go back to normal? You don’t. It’s like a comic book version of being a war veteran. You just don’t go back fully to normal.

That’s how I got an idea for this cartoon called ‘Meanwhile…’. ‘Meanwhile…’ would be a combination of comic book genre and ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. It would be mainly based around a mental hospital sort of place where superheroes go to readjust back into the society. Our story would be based around a hero who has been on the top until he is forced to go into the institution. He begins to question his identity as a superhero and reexamine his life. ‘Meanwhile…’ would be an attempt to mix both comedy and drama in animated series similarly to Bojack Horseman. The main theme of the show would be that crisis in your life when you realise maybe you’re not as amazing as everyone made you out to be and you’re just another ordinary person with an ordinary life and how you adjust to that idea.
I’ve only done a couple drawings for it and a small test. There’s something to this idea and a challenge of making a serious cartoon. If I managed to find a great animator a pilot to this could actually be pretty cool. Here are some simple concepts..