Unused Grime Video Effect

Last winter we shot a music video for a grime rapper that shall not be named but long story short..that video never came out. Which is a crying shame because the idea was pretty good. I decided to hire Orcavue 360, an awesome new device which is basically a rig that moves around any object with a camera attached to it giving it that bullet time effect. I thought it would be cool to drag it to different locations and shoot them rap and then cut between that. Well, it does look cool but they changed their mind about the song. Which sucks. Either way, I do have the footage and it would be a shame not to put out at least a proof of the idea. Obviously I can’t put out the music so here’s just a small sample of what it would look like. Pretty cool right? Well, I think I’ll still use it one day but I’m not looking forward to dragging that thing around anytime soon.